Eating Disorders And Mental Health

Choose connection over your unhealthy coping behaviors

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience;

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Why We’re Here

When your loved one is struggling with an eating disorder you may find yourself thinking or saying “JUST EAT A BURGER…”

It would be such an easy answer. If only it was that simple.

There are a lot of misconceptions about eating disorders and even a lot of negative therapeutic philosophy. I am challenging those beliefs. This is a safe space to talk about the challenges, pains, triumphs and frustrations. And for all the supporters who feel helpless and want to learn.
This is a place for everybody to enter with an open mind and an open heart.
Whether you are:

girl in black and white polka dot sleeveless shirt
  • Currently in the depths of your disorder
  • Going through treatment
  • At war with accepting help or that you have a problem
  • A supporter
  • Family, friend, partner

I am not here to judge, or to belittle, I am here to lessen the stigma, the fears, and the questions that come with such a debilitating disorder.
I myself struggled with an eating disorder for many years. Today I don’t think twice about my food. My experiences gifted me an abundance of knowledge, empathy, and strength that I am passionate about spreading. 
Nobody deserves to live in the darkness and the torment of an eating disorder, especially not alone.

Secrets keep you sick… let’s step into vulnerability and authenticity together.

What Is Coaching and Why Choose It?

Eating disorders are disorders of anxiety and disconnection. That being said as a recovery coach,I am here to create a safe space for you to challenge your perceptions, show up in authenticity and vulnerability, reshape the relationship you have with your mind, body and soul all the while knowing you have the foundation, resources and support to make lasting change and transformations!  Together we create a safe space to work through triggers and find practical ways to cope, navigate difficult situations in relationship to others and self and bring out the light inside you along the way. Reach out if you have questions or need support and step into recovery in a sustainable way with a strong foundation.

Throughout our coaching sessions we will talk about current struggles and triggers, how to implement coping skills, have meal support where we eat meals together whether virtually or in person, face your triggers like grocery shopping or clothes shopping together, deeply reflect on what is standing between you and recovery and identify what you are recovering to. Yes eating disorders and disordered eating are about the food, but they are not about the food in many ways. There are many underlying feelings that we will touch upon throughout our time together. As a recovered individual, I work with others who are in various phases of recovery to help them face triggers in their daily lives. Recovery coaching should be done in conjunction with therapy. This is so I can help you focus on the action part; the “how” part of recovery. Meanwhile your therapist can be there to help you dig deeply into the “why.”

As someone who has walked through the recovery process I have a level of empathy and understanding that is powerful in this process. During my journey, working with people who had struggled just like I did and seeing them thrive and be recovered gave me hope and guidance. I am here to bring the same sense of hope, motivation and most importantly support to you along your own journey to being recovered.


I struggled with my eating disorder for many years. They say eating disorders are all about control, and I guess in one way or another they are. But don’t we all seek to control the chaos in our lives? People with eating disorders have a common temperament and predisposition to fall subject to the whisperings of an eating disorder. But each and every eating disorder is unique, with its own behaviors, motives, and pains.

In the depths of my disorder I was told to “just eat” and you’ll be better, that I was choosing to be this way, that eating disorders aren’t real and that this is all for attention. 

Truth without judgement moment: That is the most frustrating and painstaking thing to hear as someone struggling. It is not a choice. Why would I happily choose a life like that. The point is, the word happy had been long gone from my vocabulary. 

For all the loved ones reading this who are trying to support their child, friend, parent, sibling, partner, please understand that while I’m telling you all the “wrong things to say,” I must note– you are not at fault for saying them nor is there  “right things to say.” 

In the midst of it all, I would feel angry and misunderstood every time one of those comments was thrown at me, but eventually I learned that I am accountable for teaching my people how to support me. 

Hell, I didn’t know what I how I needed to be supported half the time… how could my support network know either? Accountability is huge in recovery, and it will only happen when there is a commitment to it, and safe enough relationships to share the hard truths with. 

So for all those parents out there, you’re not alone. Eventually when the voice of the eating disorder surrenders, you will be reunited with your loved one that seems to be a different person right now. 

I had been in and out of treatment for years and finally I decided that if my family and friends would not let me stay sick, I was at least going to get well so I did not have to keep going in and out the doors of treatment. With the decision in mine, and a list of my goals in hand, I walked into Monte Nido Treatment Center to say goodbye to my disorder. 

My life changed in that place. I was 16 when I went to Monte Nido, but in all honesty I believe that I truly grew up in that home. They taught me some lessons that I live by to this day. The four pillars of Monte Nido

  • Show up
  • Pay attention
  • Don’t be attached to the results
  • Truth without judgement

No matter what it is you do today, show up for yourself. Do some self care, read a book, journal, call a friend, go for a walk. Show up for yourself, whether you believe you’re worthy of it or not.


You Do Not Have A Soul.

You Are A Soul.

You Have A Body.


Reach out via phone or email





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