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Deeply Rooted Wellness Center has been created to open up a safe space to grow in a personal and/or yogic journey. Deeply Rooted Wellness Center is meant to foster a community of people who want to practice showing up as their best selves, through authenticity and vulnerability. Come to Deeply Rooted Wellness Center to learn, grow, and navigate your way through the challenges life may present by utilizing the strength and resources from within yourself.

I’m grateful that you are showing up for yourself today by searching for resources. Whether you found yourself on this page looking to deepen your yoga practice, thus tending to your mind, body, and soul or you are caring for yourself/a loved one by seeking resources to heal your relationship with food, weight or body image, you are welcome here and you are wanted here. We are all on our own journeys in this life, but connection to tribe and community, reaching out, and getting your needs met are universally key. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Please reach out with any questions or to book a service.

I would like to leave you with this; You can if you choose to; and you are worthy of choosing you

Authenticity and connection are in our roots

Danielle Pomilla


From resources for individuals and families, Intuitive Eating, Eating Disorder Recovery and all around Wellness Coaching, 1:1 and group support, it is all here!

Limited Time Beta Offer!

We have 10 spots to fill for this extremely discounted beta offer. After these spots are filled this program will be priced much higher, $6500. If you are motivated to heal, book a call now.

I help motivated women sago struggle with an eating disorder get long lasting, sustainable recovery without cycling up and down levels of care by bridging the gap in the traditional treatment model with accountability, meal support, and somatic practices for emotional regulation.

This 12 week program is packed full of all the information, skills, tools and support I wish I had when I was on my recovery journey. Tried and true, PROVEN, techniques to free yourself from servitude to the eating disorder mind, make peace with your body, hold emotion, and find confidence. Are you ready?

Want to learn more? Book a discovery call now!

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