A Yoga Journey…

“Be where you are, not where you think you should be.”

Our Philosophy

Deeply Rooted Yogi comes from my background as a certified yoga instructor. I am a passionate yoga instructor bringing together the mind and body. For that reason I love doing yoga with people struggling with or in recovery from mental health. There’s so much healing that can be done from connection to others, community, to the  body, and to the inner self. 

Yoga in its purest for is a journey within the self. In the western world we have developed a culture around yoga associated with terms like “fit” or “weight loss.” Although yoga does keep the body in a healthy place, this is not, in our philosophy, the purpose of yoga.

We support all beings on their journeys, so if you come to yoga for fitness, we welcome you. If you come to yoga for wellness, we welcome you. If you come to yoga with resistance, we welcome you. Whatever is bringing you here, it is a gift. Your practice will lead you to whatever beliefs or paths you are being called to explore. We welcome this.

Whatever brings you to your mat, whether it is the same as what brings myself to my mat or not, it is important!

Yoga is about becoming in tune, learning acceptance, noticing how you speak to yourself, learning how to move through different sensations. Yoga is learning how to live knowing you have a plethora of resources within you.

We use many different techniques, and adopt sequencing from various lineages of yoga to create classes that are unique to your needs!

1:1 Private Yoga

Learn yoga or deepen your practice in a place without judgement. Each session is customized for your unique goals while learning to listen to your body!

I am here for YOU! Together we will help you develop confidence in yourself on and off your mat!

1:1 Private Yoga For Mental Health & Eating Disorders

Asking yourself what does yoga for mental wellness look like and what do you get out of it?

Here are some answers!

A new relationship with your body
As you begin to listen to your body, move your body with intention and compassion, and find gratitude, you befriend the body that your eating disorder wanted you to hate. As we care for the body, we develop a positive relationship with it. Yoga even helps diminish body image issues.

A treatment plan unique to YOU
Sessions consist of moving through poses to release emotional energy that gets stuck in the body, mantras geared towards your goals, meditation practices that target specific beliefs and more. The poses we move through will be determined by what is safe for your body.

A better understanding of your body
Most people in the world struggle to connect with and listen to their bodies. Yoga has helped so many individuals begin to simple take notice, and learn the signals their bodies are sending them.

A safe space!
When we come together for a private yoga session we are consciously stepping into a safe, judgement free, authentic space. I have walked the path of recovery myself and I know how hard it can be to be vulnerable in the midst of it all.

Life changing perspective
Yoga practice is has many aspects. We practice yoga on our mats so that we can begin to take the same concepts, focus, and compassion off of our mats and integrated into our lives.

Techniques to calm the body and mind
Yoga provides many techniques to calm the nervous system and practices to quiet the mind.

When you sign up for coaching of any kind you automatically receive one free 1:1 yoga for mental health & eating disorders session and receive at 10% discount on 1:1 yoga sessions moving forward while you are participating in weekly coaching.



“The love and light in me,

sees and honors,

the live and light in you.”

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