Hello World

Hello world!

Today I am showing up for myself, for you, and for anybody who is seeking out change and growth. 

We live in a society that instills fear and judgement in being vulnerable, about expressing our emotions, and about being human. Recently, I have been told that my gift in this world is my ability to be vulnerable and open about pain and struggle, growth and development, love and connection. The vulnerability we all fear to embody, is the thing we are often drawn to in others.

Im showing up today, creating an open space to challenge the rules that have been embedded within each of us and to talk about the hard truths. I’m sending out this disclaimer now, I will be blunt, and I will be authentic, and each word will come from a place of love and vulnerability. To candy coat is to avoid, and to appease is to shrink the self. 

It is time to change the stigma of vulnerability and redefine it as strength. Root yourself deeply into the core of who you are, and stand proud.

Love Always, 

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Hello World! I am no different than you. I am just spreading word on the things we all know, question, think about, yet are too fearful to say. I have learned to own my truth, and to speak it. I have learned to feel deeply rooted, and to say the hard things with love and compassion. We are all people and we all need other people. Hiding our struggles , our doubts, our feelings, it serves nobody. Quite frankly, it only fosters feelings of loneliness and disconnection. I am recovering from anorexia. I am battling depression. I am struggling with anxiety. I have a chaotic family. I have been to treatment. AND That is not all that I am. I am a yoga instructor, I am spiritual, I am in a loving relationship, I have friends that feel like family, I have a puppy who is made of love, I am an empath, I am connected to nature, I am deep. I am here, creating a safe space, showing up as I am. I am not solely my struggles nor am I going to pretend I am only my successes. I am unapologetically me, and I am human. Together, we can shed the idea of having to be "strong enough to do it alone." Its about to get real, honest, and vulnerable.

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